Composer : A new generation 3D printer
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Exclusive services for the aerospace industry.

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  • Works with any 3D-printable plastic

    We provide you with the optimal settings for our recommended plastics but will never limit your options.

  • Reinforces plastic with continuous carbon fiber

    Our proprietary CCFRP fiber contains thousands of thin carbon laments bonded together with a special polymer compound.

  • Prints with dual nozzle print head

    Reinforce plastic parts with carbon fiber for superior performance or print with unreinforced plastics for better resolution.

  • Creates incredibly strong and lightweight parts

    • 15 times stronger than simple plastic
    • 7 times stronger than plastic compounds
    • 4 times lighter than titanium.

  • Heats build plate for

    • Up to 120 °C bed temperature
    • Removable glass surface
    • Enclosed chamber.


Motivation and passion

High technology

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Composer is a new generation 3D printer

- Continuous fibers of reinforced composites.
- Dedicated software with topologic optimization (Aura) / improvement.
- Reduced weight & filament waste.
- Print with any 3D printing plastic filament.
- Make lattice structures and infills - the most efficient one for composite structures.
- “Full offine” mode available (for confidential designs printing).


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